Unleash your inner Spielberg at our two-week Young Filmmakers Movie Camp by creating a blockbuster short film! The Movie Camp is designed to offer something for everyone: some want to learn all the tools needed for making their own movies, others just want to learn how a movie is made while others just want to act! Learning the basics of operating a camera, organizing a shoot, basic editing and working together in a collaborative environment will be the main focal points of the Movie Camp.

Work in small film crews to write, produce, act in and edit your movie as you prepare it to be screened at its World Premiere at the end of the workshop! Shoot your movie in eye popping HD and use Adobe Premiere Pro to put it all together. Depending on each project’s needs, students will take turns performing various tasks. Some may end up in front of the camera ("the talent") while others will be able to be “behind the scenes” as directors ("the artist"), camerapersons and boom operators (sound people). Crews will also choose a "production company" name and then create an animation project showcasing their "company" to be shown before their movie.

For those who believe they want to pursue a further education in film, this can be a great starting point. For others, it can be a two-weeks of something completely new and different...and FUN! Space will be limited to 18 participants.


Your camper will learn from professional staff who know the industry, how the process goes, and how to make a finished project!

If your camper is looking to make/be in a movie, this is THE CAMP for him or her. It’s amazing what the staff and campers are able to accomplished in such a short time!
— S.R. South Portland, Maine

summer 2018

AGES 10 - 13
dates: N/A


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