Wanna be a filmmaker? Now you can. No experience required! What makes our programs different from others is that we give you two weeks to work on your movies. This provides the invaluable opportunity to develop your movie ideas, transition your ideas into scripts and give you real ownership in your project. Some programs provide scripts and do not offer you the entire filmmaking experience. At the Academy you will do it all, from script to screen. You may be directing one scene but in the next you're holding the mic. Everyone gets the opportunity to try each position as you work together with your fellow crew members to fine tune your project and prepare to show it to the world!

Whether you are a first time filmmaker with a vision or an accomplished student filmmaker looking to hone your skills, this workshop will give you the inside scoop on how to make a movie that will leave people saying "Wow, I cannot believe that movie was made by a high school kid." By the way, we know you are not a kid, but they will say it anyway.

You also get the added bonus of working closely with our Teen Actors Workshop that runs at the same time as our filmmaking workshop. One of the biggest problems a teen filmmaker can have is finding good actors.

Join us for what it is sure to be an exciting summer as we introduce new equipment (Full HD (1080p) cameras, Steadi-Cams and more!) and new software (Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects!). 

Think you got what it takes? You’ll have your chance to show us what you got this summer during our two-week workshop. Unleash your inner Spielberg! Hollywood’s waiting…
Program will be limited to 15 participants.

My son returns year after year. Great, supportive group of filmmakers who give some real-world insight into the industry. There’s no other program like it in the area.
— N.J. Scarborough, Maine

summer 2018
Teen Filmmakers Workshop
Ages 13 - 17

South Portland High School
South Portland, Maine
Instructor: Huey
Tuition: $1049
Dates: TBA


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