Teen Actors Workshop (Ages 13-17)

Make no mistake about it, as an actor, you are a filmmaker! Without good actors, even the greatest scripts would fail to become great movies. So, when we say that we are "developing the filmmakers of tomorrow" that means you, too! If you want to act in film but you've never been in front of the camera, or you have some theatre experience, maybe even some technical expertise but no real training as a film actor, this workshop is for you!

Our Teen Actors Workshop is designed to prepare our students for being on camera as quickly as possible. At The New England Film Academy, we will prepare you for the films you will be performing in during the program, as the Teen Actors Workshop is closely tied with the Filmmakers Workshop. When you are not working on your films, you will be working with your instructor on monologues, improv, mock auditions, acting exercises and just plain having FUN! Are you you ready for your close-up? Here's your chance...
Space will be limited to only 8 participants!


This past summer was our first experience with the New England Film Academy. I can say it was one of, if not the best experience my daughter has had with these types of things. She has done several including those that are very well known and are highly regarded. She found both supportive and encouraging staff but other participants from the acting and film production side of making a film.

This has inspired her to not only continue with this field creatively and personally. She was asked to participate in a short film as a result of her time at NE Film Academy but also ended up using the experience to utilize her newly made and refined skills in a school project that resulted in her getting the highest grade in her class.

Lastly, she has made friends at the summer session that have extended beyond the summer. Friends that have since gotten together socially AND creatively to help her produce, write, act and film the school project.

The technical skills she learned were augmented by social interaction and production skills she needed to pull together her school project.

I believe she found the program at the Academy rewarding on a number of different levels.
— R.P. Framingham, Mass.

Summer 2018
Teen Actors Workshop
Ages 13 - 17

South Portland High School
South Portland, Maine
Instructor: JOE KIDAWSKI
Tuition: $799
dates: TBA



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